"There’s no such thing as a genre anymore," says 19-year-old English artist George van den Broek of Yellow Days—rejecting the idea of boxing today's artists in with outdated labels and descriptions. "You can just stick the word 'neo' in front of loads of stuff, I guess, or alternative, but that’s such a weak term. I try and make a concoction of jazz, soul, and blues."

Yellow Days was introduced to many in January when his song "Gap in the Clouds" featured prominently in an Atlanta promo, but since 2016, he's been making genre-defying music centered around a voice that bleeds raw from an unquenchable longing. Instead of a bedroom, George prefers a garden shed behind his family home, where he creates all of his own artwork as well as sings, writes, and produces his music. Now that his songs are reaching far outside that shed, he's determined to avoid distractions: "A lot of artists get fed into the system and they stop acting like musicians. Instead, they act like businessmen and then their music ends up commercial because they lose sight of their role. Their role isn’t to PR themselves, it’s to make music. I stand by that heavily. You have to stay in touch with the anxious teenager inside of you."

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