With the intense focus on personas in today’s music market, it can be hard for bands to get a break. LA-based group The Marías have managed to get around this by combing their enchanting melodies and introspective lyrics with dreamy visuals. The group, led by lead singer María and drummer/producer Josh Conway, released their atmospheric first project Superclean Vol. I last November. “We just write and record anywhere we feel inspired,” says María. That DIY mentality is clear as three of their most popular songs, “I Don’t Know You,” “Basta Ya” and “Déjate Llevar,” were all recorded in home studio setups.

Despite the way the music was made, the group is less focused on specific descriptive labels and more centered on the connections with fans. “Technology has made it so easy for anyone to record a song anywhere, so I think ‘DIY artists’ is a much more fitting term,” explains Josh. “For some artists, ‘bedroom pop’ fits like a glove. Whether or not its restrictive or misleading is completely up to the fans though.” 

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