Temporex makes charming, whimsical pop songs. The cover artwork for his 2017 album Care is an illustration of a smiling man wearing a shirt that says "LOVE," giving a thumbs up to a smiling yellow flower. Honestly, that's a better description of Temporex's songs than any string of adjectives we could put together. This is colorful, comforting music from a sincere young artist.

Through the internet, his relatable songwriting and playful sounds are already connecting with listeners far outside his bedroom walls. "From the perspective of a musician, it's so much easier now to get noticed, or get in contact with an artist you respect," he says. "I tweeted my song out to Tyler, the Creator and he messaged me saying he really liked my stuff." In return, he makes a point to use his platform to spread the love right back and build community: "I think its very, very important for us to support each other. Especially now with the internet, if I see an artist on the rise that doesn't get enough recognition as they should, I'll tweet them out or post about them on my Instagram story."

As for the bedroom pop label, Temporex says he's worried it's "going to be the new adjective popularly used to describe artists who do everything themselves—another rendition of 'slacker pop/jazz' used to describe people like Mac DeMarco." But he does see one upside to the term: "It could encourage more people to try writing music, because literally anyone can do it these days. I recorded the vocals for Care on Apple iPhone earbuds."

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