At 19 years old, Los Angeles singer Cuco (real name: Omar Banos) has been selling out shows in his hometown as he’s gained a dedicated following which the LA Weekly called “a devout fan base largely composed of Latina teens.” He’s been making music since he was eight years old and through the years taught himself multiple instruments and Ableton, eventually releasing a string of projects starting in 2015. His warm, dreamy pop is spreading beyond LA, and major labels are taking notice. “I’ve been to big music labels where they’re like, ‘Oh, we like your music but we just don’t know where to put you,’” he says. “I mean, you don’t really need to know where to put me.”

Even though the majors are figuring out how to scale an artist like Cuco, it’s his faith in the music and this DIY community as a whole which is most inspiring. “There are so many artists coming up. It’s just fucking dope to see that there is a space being created for DIY artists and DIY artists of color and all diversities in general.” He cites fellow artists like Inner Wave, Clairo, Bane’s World, Michael Sayer, Temporex, and Triathalon as friends, explaining, “It’s super important to support each other. Being a support system rather than being rivals with other artists is the way to go. You can do way more by doing shit together.”

On the topic of bedroom pop he explains, “It’s not completely restricting but at the same time it is, because I feel like there’s more to bedroom music than just bedroom pop. I feel like there’s some different alternatives and genres of what it could be. So I think it’s both accurate and restrictive.”

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