Clairo went viral when she was 19 years old, with a music video that she made in her bedroom in 30 minutes. Today, the "Pretty Girl" video has almost 13 million views. Fans fell in love with Clairo's raw honesty and DIY approach, but she never intended to stay in her bedroom. When we interviewed her in September of 2017, she told us, "Right now I'm making it in my dorm at school. It was never my intention to make 'bedroom pop' sounding music, I just used the resources I had available to me... and they weren't very high quality."

Today, she still has mixed feelings about being stuck with the bedroom pop label. "I have a love-hate relationship with the term 'bedroom pop,'" she tells us. "I definitely understand where it comes from but people have been writing and recording music in their home studios for years. I guess what makes this wave of artists different or special is the fact we’ve created a community among ourselves. It can feel a little restrictive being put into a category. A lot of my songs are just demos to me, so I’m really excited to put out my EP and show the world what else I have in store. The amount of friendships I’ve made through this term 'bedroom pop' has been overwhelming. I’m so lucky that I get to meet and talk with so many talented musicians that are going through a similar experience. Connecting with them and working with them keeps my head on straight."

We're still awaiting the next chapter of Clairo's career. Her collaboration with Danny L Harle gave a glimpse into the possibilities, and with access to professional recording studios and momentum on her side, it's an exciting time to be a Clairo fan.

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