Seattle-based producer Sango has made a name for himself bringing infectious Latin rhythms, specifically Brazilian baile funk, to rap and R&B. An affiliate of Soulection, Sango's music is romantic and lush while still having a sleek electronic sheen, and his new album, In the Comfort Of, is a perfect project to get lost in.

In the Comfort Of has been in the works since late 2016. Sango even released South End, a short film connected to the album, last December. Though he's consistently put out new music over the past few years, including remixes of artists like Goldlink and Kendrick Lamar, Sango tweeted that a lot of the material for this record was actually written several years ago.

25% of the music from ITCO was initially made in the year 2014.

— Sángo (@SangoBeats) March 14, 2018

In the Comfort Of was preceded by the singles "Khlorine" featuring Smino and "Sweet Holy Honey" with Xavier Omär. Sango and Smino have previously teamed on tracks like "blkswn" and "Sorbet," and "Khlorine" is another breezy groove from the duo. "Sweet Holy Honey" is a futuristic love song with reedy synths and oscillating textures that contrast Omär's velvety delivery well. The single is proof of the incredible chemistry the pair possess, as Sango and Omär worked together on the project Hours Spent Loving You in 2015 and collaborate frequently. Speaking to Pigeons & Planes in 2016, Sango described the fluidity of their creative process.

“I love working with Xavier," Sango said. "I can send him anything. I can send him something blind. I’ll just send something out of my folder, I don’t even know what it sounds like and he’ll end up doing something with it.”

Stream In the Comfort Of below and read our 2016 interview with Sango.

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