When we first tweeted the freestyle challenge we really had no idea what the response would be. We figured we would get a few freestyles and tons of SoundCloud links from people who didn't even attempt the challenge. Overall, expectations were low.

Seeing how it turned out was a pleasant surprise. Dozens of people followed the rules and submitted their own entries, and others got involved in the replies by leaving feedback. The tweet thread turned into a small community of people rapping and listening. Thank you to everyone who participated in this at all. Very positive, very based. There are so many good submissions in the thread, so definitely take some time and go through them. 

Moving onto the winner. There was some internal debate and a few very close calls, but in the end we've gotta go with @Yin_Shamyr_YangHere are some reasons why we picked this freestyle:

- The verse is full of college basketball references. Some probably went over your head the first time. "We could just Duke it out so there won't be no eulogies / I had to tell myself here, look inside you and see (UNC) that you're meant to be spreading positivity." And then, "All them pussy n***as that purr gon' get what they due." Clever bars. 

- Two 2Pac references (Hit 'Em Up, Hail Mary)

- Under 60 seconds. 

- The "30 Hours" beat. Gave people a lot of freedom here to pick any beat they want and NO ONE USED FUTURE'S "MARCH MADNESS." What are you guys doing??

- It had nothing to do with the amount of engagements on the tweet. 

So those are the kind of things we're looking for when picking a winner. Follow the rules, stick to the theme, and and be creative.

If you took time to enter this week, thank you. We're going to keep doing these every week with a new theme, and new words/topics you must include. Let's keep the positivity up and have fun with this. See everyone next week. 

Watch the winning freestyle below.