FLACO has released four full-length projects since the middle of 2016 and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Even with this steady output of music, no two songs sound the same. Whether he's flexing technical ability or showcasing his knack for melodies, his content always feels genuine and unique to FLACO.  

"If you talk about what you're actually going through, you'll never run out of content. Once you start talking about what you want instead of what you have, that's when you start running into those roadblocks." FLACO tells us. "Just tell how you're feeling now, that's how I always approach it. That way I can continue making as much music as I want. You change feelings day to day, hour to hour, so the possibilities are limitless."

FLACO's latest project Not Alive is his strongest to date. The beat selection is on point and FLACO raps like a man possessed. We even get a little punk in the mix with "Paternity Clothes." Another standout is "LEPT OFF (vassup)," and we're premiering the video for that one on the P&P YouTube today. 

The video is shot and edited by FLACO's longtime videographer Tyler Hoyt, but "LEPT OFF (vassup)" is far different from their usual run-and-gun style of video. "Tyler's nephew who is this super talented director approached me with an idea. He sent through a treatment and a script and everything. The fact that someone came to me with an idea just from listening to the music was cool as fuck."

As fun as FLACO's previous videos have been, this kind of evolution is promising, and it's a step forward that FLACO is ready for. "That shit was just such a change of pace, and I got to act which I've always been secretly super in love with. It was super fun. It turned on that creative bug that I want to do more shit like that visually in the future."

Watch "LEPT OFF (vassup)" above, and check out FLACO's SXSW 2017 Freestyle below. 

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