Last year, El-P revealed that he was originally asked to score the trailer for Blade Runner 2049. Unfortunately, the music he shared with the studio and film's creative team was ultimately rejected, or as he put it at the time, "rejected (or ignored)." 

After promising on Twitter that he'd share the music he composed for the trailer some day, he's finally followed through. "I was honored to even be thought of," he explains in a statement about the demo he made for the trailer. "As I get closer and closer to being able to announce the film score I'm doing this year, I thought it might be nice to finally throw out this little piece. It's what I put together for the Blade Runner 2 trailer when they called on me."

As he explains in the SoundCloud link's description, "almost" every sound in his demo was composed using the same type of synth that Vangelis used while creating the groundbreaking score for the original Blade Runner. "It's unmixed as I only had about two days to whip it together and send over," he explained.

Listen to what could have been below.