Chief Keef is one of the most influential rappers of the past decade, but he's not often given the respect he deserves. His debut album, Finally Rich, is a landmark release for hip-hop that had a huge effect on countless artists. Sweden's Busu gets understands this about the Chicago legend.

"Hate Bein' Sober" is one of Keef's finest moments, highlighting his effortless melodies, making it perfect for adaption. The fast-paced original has been given a complete transformation from Busu, tossing its Chicago sound to the side in favor of a grungy take that channels Busu's remarkable ability to mix pop-punk melodies with outsider rap beautifully.

"I think we're pretty fast to dismiss good tracks," Busu explained over email. "We burn through things and it's cool hearing new songs, but it's cool seeing what you can bring to a track and what differs in your style."

With his debut album, Family, Busu cemented himself as one of Sweden's most exciting exports. Here, he's flaunting his understanding of Keef's sheer brilliance, bringing a completely different vibe with its gritty instrumentation. “I recorded this punk guitar and then 'Sober' came on," Busu explained to Fader. “I used to play that every day when it came out. We all want what's new, but if something is good it's good.”

"I make hip-hop, I have always been making hip-hop and I will always be making hip-hop," Busu told us in 2016. "I just make hip-hop from my perspective, some people don't see that at first, but give em' a sec and they'll recognize. I'm one of the first truly European rappers." Busu promises that more music is on the way very soon, but for now he's reminding us how great he is by reinventing what deserves to be recognized as a classic.