It was only yesterday that Brockhampton revealed they are working on a new albumPuppy, and we're already hearing teasers of what could be new music from the project. Spotted first by Hypebeast, Kevin Abstract posted an extended snippet of the group in the studio on Instagram live.

​The track is contemplative and somber, with Abstract reflecting on what it's like to have his parents come to his shows and hear him talking candidly about them with lyrics he had previously teased in a tweet. The untitled clip is reminiscent of Saturation's "Milk" or Saturation III's "Bleach," tracks that examine the respective psyches and emotional states of the diverse crew. 

After dropping three albums in 2017 and touring all year, it's impressive Brockhampton still has so much left in the tank. The group actually revealed in a tweet that they had planned to release another album, Team Effort, next week, but delayed it because, "We spoke to God and she told us to save the album for another time." Instead, they announced Puppy, teasing a general release date by writing Summer 2018 on the artwork.

For the members of Brockhampton, this marathon output is simply par for the course. In a July 2017 interview with Pigeons & Planes, Dom McLennon talked about the group's whirlwind creative process.

“It’s really ridiculous. Every time I go out to get some air, I come back and there’s like three or four new songs," he said. "The concepts get laid down so quickly, and from there everyone runs with the idea until something sticks.”

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