Earl Sweatshirt was under the media's magnifying glass before he could get a driver's license. His gifts were immediately apparent—the songs and mischief Earl cooked up with Odd Future were iconic, and continued immediately upon his return from involuntary exile in Samoa. 

His creative output, meanwhile, has been sporadic and increasingly impressive. He's the best part of Loiter Squad, the Odd Future sketch show on Adult Swim, and proves himself as one of music's most talented and insular rappers every time he puts out an album (see: Doris and I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside).

But Earl has learned how to keep that magnifying glass at a safe distance, and his work has become more refined amid recalcitrance. Whatever's next, it'll be on Earl's terms. Here are 13 videos (not including music videos) that every Earl Sweatshirt fan should watch.

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