1010 Benja SL is special. Last year's "Boofiness" was a raw, brilliant introduction to an artist about whom there is very little information online. Based around simple keys and the artist's sweeping vocals, "Boofiness" came out of nowhere and became an obsession, the kind of song you want to play for everyone whose opinion you respect, to find out whether they love it too. 

1010 Benja SL evidently caught the attention of the right people with "Boofiness" as his new song, "Wind Up Space" is being released via Young Turks (FKA twigs, Sampha, SBTRKT). Written and produced entirely by 1010 Benja himself, "Wind Up Space" is another unique piece of music, one that is hard to define or pin down, but will stick with you after the last of the bold strings and vocals have died away.

Listen to "Wind Up Space" below or on your preferred streaming platform via this link.