The Neighbourhood's third album is on the way, and the California band is going self-titled. It's a bold move to go with the eponymous project three albums in, but The Neighbourhood is in good company: The Velvet Underground, Sublime, and Alice in Chains all did it. The Neighbourhood comes out on March 9.

With the announcement comes a new song, "Void." It's a sleek, spacious track with slow-motion "Hold On, We're Going Home" vibes and some of the strongest pop songwriting we've heard from the band yet. The tracklist for The Neighbourhood is as follows:

1. Flowers
2. Scary Love
3. Nervous
4. Void
5. Softcore
6. Blue
7. Sadderdaze
8. Revenge
9. You Get Me So High
10. Reflections
11. Too Serious
12. Stuck with Me

Watch The Neighbourhood lead singer Jesse Rutherford's episode of Trending Topics below:

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