Shaboozey is relatively new to most, but his commanding voice is probably familiar. His song "Winning Streak" was a major hit that seemingly came out of nowhere, but the Virginia artist hasn't gotten gassed up off of the success. "I make music for the world to enjoy and feel a part of, so I don’t gauge songs as hits or not. I just make sure the feeling is there and it resonates."

He's currently working on three projects from all different genres, he's in a rock band without a name (he's taking suggestions, though), and today the self-proclaimed creative junkie keeps things moving with his next single, "Break The Band." On the new song, Shaboozey explains, "It came from the kind of whole concept of letting a person you love get in between you and the things that are important in your life, whether that be music, friends, family, or career. It also plays on the old question of, 'Why did the world's biggest bands break up?' The Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd, and others, depriving the world of wonderful music. Could you consider it selfish?"

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