Last week, Rich Brian dropped his debut project, Amen, becoming the first Asian artist in history to reach #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. Riding high on the success, he was able to humble himself enough to take the Hot Ones challenge with First We Feast.

He's been open in the past about learning English from YouTube videos and memes, but during the Hot Ones episode, Brian talked about how that gave him a warped perception of American culture. At the 2:00 mark, he says, "With memes and everything, I got to learn the American sense of humor. Because it's so different from the Indonesian sense of humor, it took me awhile to really learn it. But there's so much weird shit on the internet that is not really normal in real life—like very problematic. And I learned that way back then." Brian added, "Some things are just warped through the lens of the internet."

Later in the conversation, he talked about performing in front of his parents for the first time and introducing them to Joji. He said, "Dude, my parents loved Joji. My sister loved Joji. They all went to my house and my neighbors were, like, taking pictures with him. I don't know how they even knew about Joji, but they loved him."

Elsewhere in the interview, Brian talked about his food preferences, hanging out with Jaden Smith, how to get porn in Indonesia, wanting to be in Stranger Things, and more. You can watch the full episode above and see a video about his evolution from Rich Chigga to Rich Brian below.

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