Toronto's Ramriddlz made major headlines when his single, "Sweeterman," was remixed by Drake in 2015, but for his latest clip he's tapping into the style of a very different multi-platinum Canadian artist. He recently released the video for his single "Worst Love," in which he does his own take on Alanis Morissette's well-known visuals for "Ironic" off her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill.

Just like Morissette, Ramriddlz is shown driving along on a cold winter day with three other versions of himself as company. Musically, "Worst Love" doesn't have much in common with Morissette's emotive folk rock, as the track fits into the 24-year-old's wheelhouse of airy, globally-influenced R&B that channels elements of Afrobeat and reggae. The young artist has built up a bit of a reputation for his provocative, left-field videos, including 2016's "Bodmon" where he hangs out with a sex doll, or crashing an Ethiopian wedding in the clip for last year's "Habaesha."

In August 2017, Ramriddlz put out his debut album Sweeter Dreams, which included "Worst Love." He spoke to Complex about the project, the novel he was working on, and how his travels inspired his unique sound.

"I’ll go somewhere like UK and I’m Egyptian and I’ll be singing patois and going crazy, and there’s people from all different colors and shit. I’ll be speaking French, and I just do whatever the fuck I want to be honest," he said. "Some people will cringe, or some people will feel uncomfortable, but I do what I want."

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