T-Mobile used their 60-second Super Bowl ad spot last night to share a nice message about the importance of diversity and independence. As video footage of adorable babies played in the background, the ad's narrator shared a motivational message: "You’ll love who you want. You’ll demand fair and equal pay. You will not allow where you come from to dictate where you’re going."

The ad was soundtracked by a twinkly little lullaby that nicely fit the scene. But, as most Nirvana fans noticed, it sounded a lot like Nirvana's "All Apologies."

Turns out, it is Nirvana's "All Apologies." Er—a cover of it anyway. Apparently, a group called Rockabye Baby released the cover for their 2006 album, Lullaby Renditions Of Nirvana. The whole project has been on YouTube for over six years and features other Nirvana classics like "Heart Shaped Box," "About A Girl," and "Smells Like Teen Spirit."​ But most of us are just finding out about it because of the ad.

So, if you have a cool baby who likes their lullabies to have a grunge edge, press play below.

Honestly, as weird as it feels for a Nirvana song to be used to directly sell product for a giant telecommunications company, the ad's message does seem somewhat in line with Cobain's ideals. You can see the commercial in full below.

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