22-year-old London artist Nilüfer Yanya became one of our favorite new artists of 2017 on the strength of her mesmerizing songs like "Baby Luv" and "Small Crimes." She begins 2018 on equally strong footing with a gorgeous new song called "Thanks 4 Nothing" that she says is about "drawing a final line under something that should have ended a long time ago. The song shows you can be bitter and grateful about it at the same time."​

Like "Baby Luv," this one comes with a spellbinding video, but this time things get a little darker. Nilüfer worked with directing duo ENERGYFORCE to conjure images of a cult in the aesthetic of an indie film. She explains, "We wanted to make The Handmaid's Tale meets Pulp Fiction. It carries a strong outdated '70s vibe with occult twists where nothing really goes according to plan and nothing really happens. This echoes both the current political climate and the inner failings of a relationship, both cult-like in their own way and blindly following one another, shot on 16mm film for that cinematic effect."

Watch the video above and see her perform "Baby Luv" in our studio below.

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