Last night, Brockhampton stopped by Vancouver, Canada as a part of their Love Your Parents tour, which meant getting interviewed by none other than Nardwuar. As per usual, the iconic interviewer impressed the collective with his thorough knowledge and rare gifts for the band in tow. Discussing past projects, the haunted house they once inhabited, and sharing the story of when Brockhampton first met Nardwuar (before they were Brockhampton) at SXSW in 2013, Nardwuar conducts mini interviews with each member. It's another unmissable moment made particularly enjoyable to watch due to the boy band's palpable excitement. 

Currently wrapping up their North American tour, Brockhampton also recently announced a string of upcoming European dates. In December, they revealed that they plan on releasing their fourth album, Team Effort, though the exact date has yet to be shared.

Watch the interview in its entirety above, and revisit our interview with Nardwuar the Serviette here.

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