Bill Saber is already an underground star, but the Buffalo rapper's stock is going up in 2018. His music video for "Creepin N Lurkin" is almost at 1.5 million plays, and his track "IKNOWTHATYOUPUSSIESDONTWANTIT" was recently included in the new Nicolas Cage movie Mom and Dad.

Song placements in films can lead to new fans and act as a great way to discover new music, but Bill Saber caught the attention of one very influential new admirer: Marilyn Manson. "He saw Mom and Dad and Shazamed the song," Saber explains. "He's super genuine and actually liked my music." 

"I always heard his name, but never dove into the art," Saber continues. "I was watching something on Netflix last month, and then they recommended a Marilyn Manson documentary and I thought to myself, 'It's time to go down that road.' I watched and was super attracted to the way he did everything. From there, I started to look into his music. I felt it to be law of attraction to say the least, because as I was studying him, he happened to find me, and not only find me but actually like my imagery and art."

Manson even tweeted about Saber. 

It could have ended there and that would have been a great look, but Manson took things one step further. On February 9, he had a show at the Rapids Theatre in Saber's hometown of Buffalo, and he invited the rapper out on stage with him. "He brought me out for his encore to perform 'Beautiful People' with him. It was such an honor, super cool and surreal."

"He is a lord in every sense of the word," Saber says. "I've watched many interviews, and knew we would connect mentally. I never know what to expect when I meet someone of that stature, but he was everything I plan to be—so genuine. I didn't get an industry vibe from him at all. He even wore my merch on stage as we performed."

"On stage, I had so many thoughts and emotions going through my head. I black out every time I go on stage, so I can't really remember. I didn't look at people, I didn't even worry about performing the song. It must have been super cool for my mom to watch, so I had that in the back of my head too. It was so nice to be on his tour bus with him and my mom, while he played my music and treated me like his best friend. It was surreal, and the biggest blessing to date. I love him. He wants to tour with me, so that could be happening in the near future."​

Listen to Saber's Kill Everything 2018 project here, and see some footage from Bill Saber's performance with Marilyn Manson below.

And if you haven't already, watch Bill Saber's "Creepin N Lurkin" video here:

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