On November 27, 2017, a variety of physical editions of Frank Ocean's Endless went on sale. Blonded.co offered Endless on vinyl, CD/DVD, and VHS. According to the confirmation email received by those who ordered any of the items, the Endless vinyl was "expected to ship in 6-8 weeks."

Well folks, we have now entered week 11, and there are still no signs of the Endless vinyl. I'm sure there were just massive amounts of orders resulting in delays, and the records will be shipped soon, and Frank is in no way scamming his fans. HOWEVER, I also love conspiracy theories, so part of me thinks maybe Frank's entire elongated Endless and Blonde rollout was one big ploy to build up hype for a record, release it only on vinyl, but then never actually send it and collect some extra coin. That sweet, sweet USD, or whatever currency Frank wanted because Frank strikes me as the kind of person who has multiple nations' currencies in his wallet at any given moment.

But other fans are beginning to get restless, so as we all continue to wait, pass the time by looking at some of the best reactions from the greatest website in the world, twitter dot com. 

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