FLACO keeps rolling in 2018. 

The Indiana rapper is back with another track off his upcoming project NOTALIVE. First we got "So What!," and now we get "Neon Yellow" which showcases more FLACO bars over Dee B production. Tyler Hoyt is back for some minimal visuals, and FLACO's charisma keeps the viewer hooked. What're you doing with that knife?! 

FLACO's got the city going crazy, and the wordplay on "Neon Yellow" is crazy too. From Indiana Jones references, to honest commentary on how frustrating it can be as an artist to put in so much work but still go unnoticed while watching the "Lil So-So and Lil What-What" bubble boom, "Neon Yellow" is one of FLACO's strongest tracks to date. 

Watch the video above, and check out FLACO's SXSW Freestyle below. 

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