Don Zio P is a half-Italian, half-Jamaican rapper coming out of Middletown, Conneticut, and he's not letting anything get him down. He first popped up last year with "Dunk On Yo Bitch" and he returned in 2018 with "Hallelujah," featuring Déjà Vu. Now, the video is here, and it matches the track's bouncy positivity and good energy.

Don Zio P is signed to Republic Records imprint Victor Victor Worldwide and his debut EP, No Average Joe, is coming soon. Watch the "Hallelujah" video above and get to know the rising rapper with a short interview below. 

Who is Don Zio P? What should people who are unfamiliar know about you?

I'm a small town kid with big dreams. I'm a ball of energy trying to spread my wave and vibe through my music. I'm always in a good mood and I always bring life to the party. If you unfamiliar with me, one thing you should know is that I love drinking Tito's and I love art, it keeps me in a creative place.

Is there much of a rap scene in Connecticut? How has where you're from shaped your sound and approach to music?

There isn’t much of a scene in CT. It feels good that me and my brother get to pave the wave to inspire artists to keep pushing for their dreams. My sound is influenced by artists like Wiz Khalifa, Max B, and A$AP Rocky. Those were the guys I looked up to a lot when I started making music.

What was the inspiration for "Hallelujah"? 

The idea of the song came from pay-day. I was broke one Friday headed to the studio and I remember checking my bank account and saying 'Hallelujah.' I was just happy I had some money in my account, and went to the studio and said we gotta make a song called Hallelujah. Ballin had nothing to do with how much money you make but always feeling good when that money comes in.

Who is Déjà Vu? What should people know about him?

Déjà Vu is my little brother. People should know that he is another wild “Young Tatted Homie” who comes in peace and turns the fuck up. He brings big energy everywhere he goes. Déjà Vu is also multi talented, he does a lot of his own tattoos and brings a lot of creativity to the YTH culture

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