On February 2, Rich Brian released his debut album Amen. It was the culmination of a wild ascension for the Indonesian teenager—he only started working with music software a year or so prior, but Brian learns fast—he ended up providing most of the album's production. 

At this point, Brian's story is a part of internet folklore—his early Vine career, the "Dat Stick" video and subsequent viral streak—it's all been well-documented. But on Amen, we heard the story from a new perspective: Brian's. The tracks are filled with autobiographical details, from early employment (working at his mom's café, sidestepping goats in his backyard) to his first impressions of America.

It's all in the Book of Brian, a secret tome that has only been rumored to exist until now. In this exclusive interview, the artist agreed to read a few excerpts for us. So sit back, get a glass of wine, and... we'll let Brian take it from here. Watch our latest Music Life above, and watch a recap of his biggest moments below. 

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