Bernard Jabs is a rapper from Tifton, a small city in Georgia. "It ain’t nothing here but white girls and trees, I make it work though," he tells us. "I just be chilling." After an EP last year, Bernard has dropped two tracks so far in 2018, and is back today with a third, "Together Forever." He's now three for three with streamlined, sub-three minute releases where he rides sparse beats that still hit hard.

On "Together Forever," Bernard comes with a subtly catchy hook that sticks after just a couple of listens, and mixes melodic moments into his quickfire rapped verses, too. Frequent collaborator sidepce produced this one, and Bernard explains, "I heard the beat and caught a vibe instantly. You ever been to a party and niggas singing a song word for word? I made this song with that in mind. I wanted to make it an anthem for you and ya homies. An anthem, period. Play this when you counting up or when you crying, they both fit."

Listen to "Together Forever" now and check out more from Bernard Jabs on his SoundCloud here. Learn a little more about the young rapper below.

How long have you been making music? What inspired you to start?

I been wanting to make music since I was five, but I started taking it serious when I was 13. Lil Wayne is the reason I’m rapping actually, that’s my favorite rapper. I saw him on BET and thought he looked cool, been wanting to do it ever since

You've been making music for a few years already and it sounds like you're getting better and better—how have you evolved over the past three years?

I just be listening to myself and being honest with myself. I’ll hear something old I did and be like, “Nah this trash I gotta come harder.” Taking inspiration from other stuff help as well, but I just grow with time man. 

What's coming next after this track? What are your plans for 2018?

More heat, more songs, a couple music videos, maybe a project in the Fall, you know, just staying consistent.

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