Though he's reached mainstream success with his inventive videos and infectious hooksAminé is still a first rate rapper and show-stopping lyricist capable of wry humor and sharp social insight in his bars. The Portland artist reminded us of that when he stopped by Power 106 and spat a killer freestyle atop Clipse's "Momma I'm So Sorry" beat.

The freestyle is short but covers plenty of ground, as Aminé touches on a range of topics from trap drums seeping into pop music to eating Tide Pods to homophobia to Donald Trump. His album, Good For You, was recently certified Gold, but the rapper hasn't been resting on his laurels. He recently appeared on Rejjie Snow's "Egyptian Luvr," dropped a solo new track in late October, and has major festival appearances on the horizon as well as upcoming tour dates in New Zealand and Australia. After hearing him body this vintage Neptunes beat, let's hope that there's an Aminé and Pharrell collaboration in the near future.

Watch Aminé's freestyle up top and read our interview with the rapper on the unique cover art for his debut record. Also check out our video of New Yorkers reacting to Aminé.