Kanye West is back on Instagram. This is great news because Kanye is normally terrific on social media, and hopefully this also means new music is coming soon. However, Kanye's return violated some unwritten IG rules and showed that he's a little behind the times.

We don't post 55 times in one day, Kanye. Now don't get me wrong, I love posts. Posting is badass. But you're supposed to post maybe once a week, and it's only supposed to be an image of you doing something extremely baller, vacationing in a cool location, preparing to eat some expensive food, or anything involving an animal. The point of a post is to make yourself look like you are living the ultimate life, and everyone else online needs to see it and validate you with likes. Those sweet, delicious likes, and maybe some comments if the post is that hot. 

But dozens of classic celeb couples that have a certain vintage aesthetic? No. This isn't Tumblr, 'Ye, save that for your Story. Now thanks to Instagram's new algorithm I'm going to keep seeing these god damn pictures in my feed for the next two weeks.

Anyways, the majority of the pics Kanye posted are celebrity couples that are no longer together for a variety of reasons. Either they broke up, someone died, or are straight up fictional. All the pictures also seem to be over 10 years old. So, going off of those parameters, here are 10 iconic couples that Kanye missed.  

NOTE: Pigeons & Planes is still an extremely reputable music website, so all of the following couples involve at least one musician. We haven't stooped to the point of being a gossip site... yet.

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