Atlanta rapper Yung Bans has been rising fast, and he hasn't taken a minute to slow down. He's constantly releasing new music and videos, and so far his prolific nature has paid off. His strategy aligns with his style of music—it's not always the most polished, but it's consistent. If you like one of his songs, chances are you'll like most of what he releases, and he sticks to his signature sound for his latest project, Yung Bans Vol. 3. The bass is low, but Bans has an ear for dreamy, melodic beats and flows that use repetition for a hypnotizing effect.

Listen to Yung Bans Vol. 3 below, and get to know Yung Bans in his recent episode of Trending Topics.

Here's Bans on Trending Topics talking about trendsetters, real music, and the worst thing he's seen on the internet:

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