We were introduced to Austrian duo Leyya through their excellent indie pop song "Zoo" last year, but they were already a successful band with millions of plays on songs from their 2016 album Spanish Disco Deluxe. Now, they have a new album to dive into, Sauna. The duo of Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer clearly have great chemistry, with Sophie's smooth vocals over shape-shifting production that is creative and surprising throughout. 

"We developed a rougher and more playful sound on Sauna and we focused on instruments and sounds from all over the world, combining them with our way of making music," Leyya explain. "The vocals and the beat received a spot in the foreground for a more intimate feeling and what was very important to us in the songwriting process was to have different layers so that everyone can find their ‘space’ in that song. You can listen to it as a ‘simple’ pop-song...but you can also dive a little deeper and realise that there is more than that."

Listen to Sauna via SoundCloud now. The album is out officially tomorrow, Friday January 26 on all platforms. Check out a special live performance of "Drumsolo" below, too.

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