LA-based musician and frequent Dylan Brady collaborator Lewis Grant has been working on his debut for quite a while. "About a year ago, Dylan and I had a list of songs and we were calling it an album but it didn't really have any real story or piece of me or anything," he told me over email. "Over this past year, I drove to LA, came out as bisexual and cut the album in half. 'Bad Batch' is a song I wrote in early 2016 but now, two years later, sounds completely different."

Make Me Scared Again, his striking debut EP, very much reflects the period of unrest that's sat with him during its creation. Shuffling abruptly from gorgeous melodies and atmospherics to tense jolts of anger, it's one hell of a statement for a debut. "Unfortunately I had been pretty void of emotion for a while and it eventually started to really take its toll," he explained to me. "This fear turned to a strange sort of lethargy which turned to anger which led to a passion to feel anything again. Whether that be joy or fear, the importance of the emotion didn't really matter. You can notice in the songs themselves that they jump from being calm to violent quite quickly. The events I was scared of created the fear that I used to make myself better. It’s important to be emotional, it’s important to be loud and most of all its important to stand up for what you believe in."

The art, which was shot by Alexander Bortz with makeup by Sara Tagaloa and design work by Mikey Joyce, reflects the chaos of the EP beautifully. "he cover is really supposed to show how this past year of my life has felt. It has felt like a trial, however not necessarily all bad. Sure, I might be bruised and bloody but the race still feels better than the finish line." With its production frequently shifting from stunning to abrasive in moments, it can make for a tumultuous listen but a captivating one no less. Dylan Brady, Y2k, Judge, and Lewis himself all contribute production to the EP, building something that reflects a sense on unease a lot of America has felt familiar with in the past 12 months.

Listen to the premiere of the EP on Spotify below. It's also available on Apple Music/iTunes.