Teenage sister duo Chloe and Halle rose to prominence singing covers of tracks like Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" and Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," showcasing their gorgeous, intertwining harmonies while giving each track a totally unique spin.

That success snowballed into a deal with Beyoncé's​ Parkwood Entertainment, and now the pair are focusing on crafting their own tracks that blend indie pop and R&B while still staying true to their stripped-down musical roots. Their latest, "The Kids Are Alright," is a synth-heavy anthem that rebutts the tiresome (and inaccurate) lazy millenial cliche. Chloe and Halle each show off with powerful vocal runs, but the track also features some of the strongest writing of their young careers.

"If I'm in the mood I get as ratchet as I wanna/Turn around and show you I can blast you with some culture," they sing. "Everything is new 'cause we are 'bout that innovation/Call it how we see it, we're a genius generation."

"The Kids Are Alright" is a departure from the spacious, percussive "Drop," and it's an impressive testament to their versatility. It also punctuates a busy week for the sisters, who are appearing on the brand new black-ish spin-off, grown-ish, and perform the theme song, "Grown."

Check out Chloe and Halle's new track below, and continue watch our "One Minute With" series from last year's ComplexCon, where the duo performed on the Pigeons & Planes Stage.

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