In 2018, you can be from the middle of nowhere and still find an audience. We're seeing artists from all over the map gain traction and achieve nation-wide buzz, but decade after decade, California remains a hip-hop hub. The past year was an especially interesting one for Cali rappers. Artists who seemed brand new just short time ago are making major moves—Boogie signed with Shady Records, Kamaiyah is on her way to becoming a household name, Vince Staples is a West Coast icon, Mozzy is setting the bar for consistency, Brockhampton is the most exciting new boy band in existence, and Dumbfoundead is making enough noise to get banned by entire countries. While all of this has been happening, a new batch of artists is gearing up to take over next, and the future is looking very bright. Here are some new California rappers you should be looking out for.

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