Yung Lean always delivers when it comes to his videos, but his latest is one of his best yet. The Marcus Söderlund-directed video for Stranger highlight "Red Bottom Sky" sees Leandoer exploring an isolated mansion and the surrounding wilderness, embodying the somewhat forlorn and dreamlike atmosphere of the gorgeous track. With autumnal leaves floating around, and ghostly, otherworldly figures joining him in the mansion, this is one of Lean's most original videos to date.

Fresh off the release of the excellent Stranger, the video for "Red Bottom Sky" acts as another reminder of how far Lean has come as an artist. It's a very different affair from what we've seen from him in the past, even looking far different from the videos he releases last year following Warlord. It's a video that captures the mysterious but inviting tone of the track wonderfully, and it certainly helps that it sees Lean befriending an adorable ferret, too. 

The "Red Bottom Sky" video is the latest video to be taken from Stranger, following both the short film of the same name and the prequel video for "Metallic Intuition." Read more about Yung Lean's evolution from meme to hip-hop innovator here.


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