We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Tom DeLonge loves aliens. The former Blink-182 frontman has a huge infatuation with all things space, but specifically UFOs and the possible aliens piloting them. He took things to a new level early this year when he was named UFO Researcher of the Year, and last year his name appeared in leaked emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign chairman in discussions pertaining to UFOs.

Just when we thought we had reached the peak of his X-Files adventures, however, he seems to have outdone himself. Over the past weekend, former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo and a number of others confirmed the existence of a UFO-related investigative program in conversation with The New York Times and Politico. Elizondo no longer works in the Pentagon, but he did recently start working with a UFO research company called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a company Tom DeLonge himself found.

Speaking with The New York Times and Politico, Elizondo said the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program started in 2007, before it was shut down by the Defense Department in 2012. Of course, it continued to operate unofficially. DeLonge's company, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, has now come out with some scoops of their own.

Taking to YouTube, the company posted formerly classified footage of what appears to a UFO. Yes, Tom DeLonge has obtained footage filmed in 2004 from a Navy Super Hornet, ostensibly providing proof of the government's research into what may or may not be extraterrestrial life. One of the pilots mentions they think it's nothing more than a drone, but then things get a little weird.

At first we all thought Tom DeLonge's research into the unknown was just weird, but now we're 100% onboard. Speaking with The New York Daily News when all the news dropped this weekend, DeLonge said, "All the things (people have) heard about and seen ar the first step of 20. There's a lot more shit coming." To The Stars also promise to improve national security, combat climate change, and harness telepathy among other goals. We wish Tom DeLonge all the best in his new endeavors.

Watch the declassified footage below.

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