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Earlier this year, 19-year-old producer Pnkblnkt released his euphoric track "Chandelier," proving once again that he deserves a lot more attention for his work. The anonymous producer, who always appears shrouded in mystery, is back again today. His latest single, however, takes on a different tone than the soaring "Chandelier."

Over email, Pnkblnkt told me he initially worked on "Over You" about a year ago, recruiting Ukrainian singer Inas for vocal duties. It's been in the work since last December, but he says there's a reason it took this long for him to finally release the song. "The entire time I was working on the song I was in a relationship, and the lyrics and emotion she put into her vocals felt slightly foreign," he tells me. "It just didn't feel honest for me, so I sat on it. I didn't want to release a song that I couldn't relate to. About two weeks ago, that relationship unfortunately ended, and the song clicked."

Suddenly the song felt very personal, and he related to Inas' gorgeous vocal contribution. Compelled to go back to rewrite the song around her voice, he shifted around the track, incorporating parts of her vocals into the production itself. "I feel like I've grown alongside this song as I've been making it, and I finally feel ready to share it. I hope other people can connect to it in the same way I have."

Listen to the stunning "Over You" below.

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