One of the most interesting aspects of Joji as an artist during his transition to a serious music career has been his ability to mix a sense of beauty into his dark subject matter.

In the same way that his Filthy Frank videos contained glimmers of hope as he addressed the darkness of society, his music has an elegant nature to it that provides balance to its generally bleak tone. As he starts rolling out music videos to accompany his In Tongues EP, this is coming into focus even more.

The new Jared Hogan-directed music video for "Demons" finds Joji held captive in a desolate swimming pool, wearing a clumsy, furry suit. As he makes his way around the pool, his movements are at once a dance and a struggle—adding layers to an otherwise simple visual.

Of course, the simplistic visuals leave the door wide open for his fans to run wild with theories. The comment section is full of interpretations like this:

"The man in the big monster suit represents George trying to escape from his past as the pink guy. The pink guy is the monster weighing him down. The choreography demonstrates this by having moves that evoke the feeling that the suit is 'heavy.' Choosing to have him at the bottom of this pool creates the metaphor that he is drowning—George is drowning in the weight of his past. Not only that, he's chained to a dirty shallow pool. He's chained to what he was. However, there is hope. There is a light that shines down on him. Will it be enough to save him?"

You can watch the video above and decide for yourself. Continue for our short documentary with Joji below.

You can see our full, uncut interview with him below.

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