"Music is my way of coping," Gabriel Black told us in October. "I haven't done it to help others to be honest, it's been to help myself and it just so happened that it's also helping others, which has been awesome." The rising singer and songwriter has created a community around his output, which includes hand-drawn, animated videos and interviews. Although he hasn't shown his face yet, the comments on his YouTube and Twitter suggest that his fans feel as if they know him, and that the deeply personal subject matter he sings about is connecting in a real way.

Today, Gabriel Black shares his fourth official release, a song called "Hurricane" which is powered forward by a spiky electric guitar and impassioned vocals. Although the hook certainly sounds somewhat heartbroken, Gabriel tells us, "It's more upbeat than the other stuff I've put out but it still feels very similar, ya know? I just tried to experiment and I think it sounded cool, from the slightly off pitch singing to the talking to the yelling to the not so perfect falsetto! Lyrically, the hook is pretty clear, but the rest I'd rather let the listener interpret on their own. What they think is more important than what I think."

Listen to "Hurricane" below and read more about Gabriel Black here.