Brockhampton have had an absolutely incredible year, delivering three albums, incredible live shows, memorable music videos, and even a short film. They're finishing the year off strong with a series of three shows at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles (there are still tickets for Friday's show, at the time of writing) and the first show went down last night, Wednesday, December 27.

Videos and reactions from social media suggest this was another impressive performance from a band whose stage presence and set design elevate their shows (see: face paint, choreographed dance moves, on-stage furniture). Fans were especially excited to see Jaden Smith appear onstage during "Hottie," where he proceeded to lose his shit dancing to the melodic Saturation III track, which was a little different to his stoic performance sitting alone at a table as as part of Kevin Abstract's stage setup for his 2016 "Prom" show.

See clips of Brockhampton's first night at the El Rey Theater from social media below.


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