Director: M.I.A.

“I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah, or Ariana,” M.I.A. chants, perched defiantly atop a breathtaking mountain range in her self-directed video for “P.O.W.A.” Yep, she's still got it. Somehow, year after year, she continues to deliver some of the most unique, powerful videos in pop music. Taking aim at a newly-elected President Donald Trump on "P.O.W.A.," M.I.A. bolsters her fearless political message with the bold imagery of a dance crew moving in militant precision in front of a solid wall. She toyed around with the idea that 2016’s A.I.M. was the final album of her career, but moments like this are clear reminders that the world still needs M.I.A.—perhaps more than ever.