Yung Lean's new album Stranger arrived earlier this month, and it's his strongest to date. Seeing a maturation in the way he approaches his material, Stranger is very different from his earliest output. This sense of progression shines through in his latest videos, too, especially with the short film of the same. Far more ambitious than his previous videos, the short film put Leandoer's progression into striking visual form.

Now the French directing team behind the video, Suzie and Leo, have returned with another video that follows the same narrative. Instead of a sequel, however, the video for "Metallic Intuition" is a prequel. The short film alluded that Lean was wanted for murders in a ghosttown, but the new video reveals he was more of a bystander who gets the blame pinned on him. It adds a lot of context to the Stranger film, while also providing the sort of visuals that perfectly fit the track's barren and ghostly production.

For more on Yung Lean's progression following his work on last year's equally as different but significantly less inviting Warlord, read out 2016 interview with him here.