Yung Lean has been showing his range leading up to the release of his new album, Stranger, on November 10.

"Red Bottom Sky" and "Hunting My Own Skin" hinted at a lighter, pop-friendly sound from the Swedish artist, before he settled into a harder, more traditional-sounding Yung Lean song with "Skimask." Now, he's back with a stunning, melancholic song that lands somewhere between these two worlds.

"'Metallic Intuition' was the most hip-hop track on the whole album," he told Zane Lowe about the song. "When I first heard the beat, I was like, 'Okay, I'm not going to sit on this, I'm going to sit down and actually write something. So I found this flow in my head and I just started writing from there.

"It's kind of a natural progress from Warlord, being a very gothic and dark album," he continued. "Then [this album] being a bit lighter. But 'Metallic Intuition' still being there as a kind of a shape shifter in some way."

You can listen to the song on Spotify here or via YouTube above.