Yaeji has been releasing fantastic music for a while now, but she's really stepped things up in the lead-up to her new project, EP2. "Drink I'm Sippin On" is a certified hit, and things are only upward from here, as she proves with her even more danceable new single, "Raingurl." Following up the hard-to-follow last single effortlessly, she has us eagerly anticipating the forthcoming EP2​, which arrives later this week on November 3 via Godmode.

With hypnotizing drums and an incredibly catchy chorus, "Raingurl" is a brilliant follow-up to "Drink I'm Sippin On." Flaunting both her production talents and her ability to seamlessly switch between Korean and English vocals once more, "Raingurl" begs for club play. Following both the previous single and her excellent cover of Drake's "Passionfruit," it's becoming abundantly clear that Yaeji is a star in the making.  

If you're only just getting into Yaeji's music, now's the perfect time to check out her recent performance for Boiler Room, in which she switches between a DJ set and performing her songs with live vocals. Listen to "Raingurl" below.