"What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?" a lady's voice asks near the beginning of "Guilty Party," the debut song from a duo of the same name. Although Thunder Jackson is avoiding too many specifics about the individuals behind the music, they have shared a little bit of information about how they met:

"One evening two summers ago, a restless young songwriter in his early 20s got into the back of a taxi. Far from his Oklahoman roots, this was to be just another aimless night in the bourgeois bars of the Sunset Strip. By some kind of serendipitous fortune another equally restless young man happened to be slumped in the passenger seat of this particular ride. This man, even further from his homeland, the mountains and valleys of Wales, was a record producer. Fate, coincidence, or just sheer luck? Whatever the case may be, conversation quickly steered towards music. The marvelous melody of Marvin Gaye, the poetic prose of Paul Simon and the lack thereof in modern music. By the time the ride was over, a line had been drawn in the sand. Thunder Jackson was born."

"Guilty Party" has a classic feel and a vintage-looking video, and it's just the first song from a whole album of material which Thunder Jackson has been working on in L.A. for over a year. Listen to the premiere of the song now and learn a little more about it below.

Thunder Jackson on "Guilty Party":

"Picture this, a bohemian house party, on the outskirts of a desert town and the consumption of hallucinogenics & cheap liquor, at the age where one's mind is not equipped to deal with such potent elixirs. Picture also, a young woman seen through such warped perspective, weaving her way towards our young hero, across the parties flickering light. Without hesitation and especially thought, words of love and adoration are professed. In the light of morning, and with a ten ton hangover, such meaningless and whimsical words fly around our hero's head. He could apologize but he alas does not, choosing instead to dance in the mess he has made. A selfish and needless act, he is the guilty party.

"For further inquiry, please do not hesitate to leave a message for Thunder Jackson here: 310-486-7882. Hope to hear from you soon, Thunder."