Necklace is a young artist from Copenhagen in Denmark, and his new song "Between (Me & You)" is a laid back love song with addictive melodies. It's just his second release, but a style is already emerging, based around strong pop songwriting and quirky electronic production. 

The singer, songwriter, and producer describes "Between (Me & You)," premiering below, as "a love song to both yourself and whoever you desire—it's hard to stay smart with a heart." Check out Necklace's excellent debut track (and accompanying video) "Try This" at the bottom of the page and get to know him a little better with a short interview.

Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

I’ve been in bands and making music with my friends for years, it’s what we do together. The approach changes a little from time to time to keep it fun, so I started singing instead of producing one day and now everyone around me is a producer, so amen it’s pretty convenient.

What's the music scene like in Copenhagen?

Diverse and good. I see a lot of things that I believe in. Noah Carter and Erika de Casier deserve all the attention, they’re great. Smerz have already proven themselves, the hype is real. I wish I could sing like them. 

There are elements of contemporary rap music in the style of the production, but also really strong melodic songwriting. How would you describe your sound and what artists inspire you?

Great melodies stick to your mind like glue and the rhythm of them even more. So if it's a legendary tune, you can just clap it and people will resonate and start yelling “dooooont leeet me doooooown” in a second. I certainly look up to people who can combine the two. This Spotify playlist explains it best.

The video for "Try This" is a lot of fun. What was it like to make and what was the vision behind it?

It was definitely fun to make, everything was kinda last minute. I was going to Lisbon and my vidder Rasmus is exceptionally good company so he came along. Then we basically just hung out the two of us and a camera visiting gardens and looking for rooftops. He made everything in that video while being a 10-4 good buddy ^__^  I can also recommend his "Life Round Here” video.