There's been a lot of talk recently about George Miller "transitioning" from his comedic material as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy into a serious music career as Joji. He's been clear that his work as Filthy Frank will continue, but some fans have expressed worry about his changing priorities. 

Now that Joji's debut EP, In Tongues, has arrived, those worries should be put to rest. This music feels like a natural extension of what he's always done. Joji isn't changing careers. He's just finding new ways to create. This is dark, beautiful music held together by a subtle but strong sense of humanity—much like his best work as Filthy Frank.

Sure, it's more toned down and—dare I say it—mature, but subtle hints of George's humor shine through on songs like "Bitter Fuck" and Filthy Frank's dark sensibilities run throughout the project. George is painting with a different brush, but it's clear this is coming from the same talented guy that so many dedicated fans were drawn to on YouTube. This feels like the beginning of a long, special career.

You can hear In Tongues on Apple Music here or listen via Spotify below.

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