At the age of 18, Jimi Somewhere delivered a remarkably confident debut last year. The highlight of said release came with "Escape," which offered an insight into the feeling of isolation and cold his surroundings of Norway often provide. "Winters in Norway are really dark and depressing and I just wanted to get away," he told us at the time. Now 19 and out of high-school, he's looking to move on, returning with his first new track in over a year.

"Waking Up" expands upon the gorgeous sonics of his previous output, but instead there's something of a more hopeful perspective on things this time around. Instead of reflecting the cold and darkness, "Waking Up" is about reflecting on the past and pushing forward. Maintaining a melancholy mood, it's one of his most affecting songs to date.

Speaking over email, he explained, "'Waking Up' is a song about changes. I just got out of high-school and now I'm just kinda looking back at everything and just reflecting on past relationships, and everything that has happened to me these past couple of years." Focusing on those moments that feel so important when you're younger, but seem so fleeting in retrospect, "Waking Up" perfectly captures the terrifying moment in which you're suddenly on your own.

Despite this, he isn't quick to force any particular meaning on the song, saying, "I don't really like to explain my songs that much, because I hope everyone listening can attach their own meaning to the song so it becomes something special and unique for them. But yeah, what I will say is that I've always hated waking up early. That was definitely the worst thing about going to school. I'm glad I'm finally finished and can focus on the future."

Listen to the premiere of "Waking Up" below.