Flying Lotus' eccentric musical arrangements have a way of bringing wild images to mind whenever you listen, but now we have a look into his mind with a surreal video for his new song "Post Requisite."

Made up of a bunch of paper cutouts, the video is a collage of (mostly grotesque) imagery including insects, oozing human body parts, drugs, and fire. Directed by collage artist/puppeteer Winston Hacking, the clip is bizarre, but oddly captivating. I can't help but imagine what this would look like if it gets incorporated into his ambitious 3D tour.

"I’ve always been interested in music and visuals and how they relate," he told us last month. "So for me, it’s important because when I create music, I think visually as well."

Watch the video above and read our recent interview with Flying Lotus about his 3D tour here.