Exactly one year ago, I received an email from Toronto-native Est-Her. In the email, he briefly introduced himself and included a link to "Last Minute Wedding," a track he worked on with French producer Poter Elvinger. For the past year, I've been thinking about "Last Minute Wedding" a lot. The private link I was sent got deleted, but the song stuck with me after only a few listens. Now, he's finally ready to release the phenomenal track.

Pushing a budding career as a ballet dancer to the side, Est-Her took considerable time to make sure his music lived up to his own expectations. "I've been sitting on some of these tracks for a year now," he explained. "My first track 'Sympathy' was pretty aggressive, so I thought I'd take a deep breath with 'Last Minute Wedding,' which I wrote with a crazy talented young producer from France called Poter Elvinger. I have about three albums-worth of music I'm sitting on at the moment, and my laptop is dying. I think it's time."

With much more music on the horizon, "Last Minute Wedding" is one hell of a tease. It's the kind of cinematic music that just lends itself well to grandiose imagery, and the video certainly delivers on that front. The self-directed video, which is his first ever, is just as dramatic and beautifully put together as the song itself, with Est-Her himself channeling a Romeo + Juliet-era Leonardo DiCaprio vibe. He's still independent and without a label, but we don't expect things to remain that way for long.

No word on when we can expect more music from Est-Her, but if you're just getting familiar, make sure to check out the equally as fantastic "Sympathy." Watch the premiere of the "Last Minute Wedding" video above.