Yaeji is one of the most interesting artists out right now, regardless of genre. Her blend of dance music with hip-hop is hypnotic, and she's consistently putting out invaluable bangers that leave us eagerly awaiting whatever comes next. "Drink I'm Sippin On" is one of her best yet, and it's even reached over two million plays on YouTube alone. We're confident that with the arrival of her upcoming project, EP2, she's going to get even more attention.

As we await its release on November 3 via Godmode, she's delivered one of the coolest Boiler Room sets in recent memory with her incredible performance in New York. Her set, which was recorded live on September 24, showcases her excellent ear for dance music accessible and experimental alike. Combining disparate sounds just like she does with her own music, the set sees a multitude of genres and sounds covered.

As well as providing a memorable DJ mix, she also performed a number of her own songs with live vocals, lending her hypnotic voice to the proceedings. There's few artists in dance music right now with a voice as idiosyncratic as Yaeji's. 

Check out the premiere of Yaeji's full set above, and watch a short documentary Boiler Room produced below.